About Us

   American Extreme Apparel was started 3 years ago by former military members “Marines and Air Force’ that served proudly in the middle east and the far east and after serving in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, you realize that there is no place like home.  With our brave brothers and sisters still overseas, putting themselves in harms way “daily” and with the political uncertainty of the country all around us, American Extreme Apparel was started out of the “American Spirit”. The same unwavering American Spirit that rang out  by our Founding Fathers.

As proud Americans and as a company, we have a strong since of Duty- Honor- and Country. We take pride in the products that we make, from our hand printed shirts, to our embroidered American Flag Hats to our fully customized pens. All of our items are made by former soldiers.   We want the world to know that we are Proud Americans and will never bow or apologize for being who we are!!!

 Contact us : info@americanextremeapparel.com